Framing + Windows

This part is slow. First photo is mid August, by November the framing was done, windows are in and rough plumbing is in progress. Things like extra steel beams get requested by the structural engineer and take a couple weeks to fabricate. No one wants to talk about the schedule and though it’s fun to start seeing the rough shape of the rooms, and understand the changes in the volume of the space, it’s all just too slow to really be fun.

IMG_0081IMG_2943 (1).jpgOh, and we live here too, this is our kitchen (above). It’s winter and there’s no heat on the main floor. Here’s how it works (below) a zippered plastic doorway to the major construction site, some dust gets kept out, but it doesn’t keep it warm or quite. It works though, since our two bedrooms and main bath are upstairs (old attic level)  we have some place nice to get away from the noise, chaos, and people working on the house.IMG_2939.jpg


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