We need a Mini-kitchen

Alright, so we’re living in this construction zone and doing dishes in the bathroom is not working. We have a small niche off our family room on the bottom floor of our house that used to be a kids toy storage area, but now is looking like the perfect space for a mini-kitchen, later to be used as a beverage area.

The big bonus is that I can re-use the cabinetry and concrete counter/sink from our existing kitchen. I was fond of this concrete counter and sink even though it’s looking really worn out. It still works so let’s reframe “really worn out” as “a great patina”. The Cabinets I don’t love, but they will work and it’s a huge budget and time saver to just move this stuff and have a mini-kitchen.





I found these lights, from Denmark from a fantastic seller on Etsy.

They are 1970s magnetic BALL wall lamps – Originally designed by Benny Frandsen (Frandsen Lighting) for E.S. Horn Belysning/
The lamp is a beautiful Danish “democratic design”, and was originally produced in a variety of different colors. The genius of this light is the magnet which holds the lamp in place, and allows you to easily adjust and point the light where you need it – it’s an excellent reading light – over the bed or your favorite chair. The whole round part only held on with a magnet!



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