Supporting the blog title…

So, more projects, yes. Same house, 5 years later and there’s still more to do. The house looked great in 2011, unless you peaked into the non-functioning bathroom and laundry area located in an old (1890’s) enclosed back porch. The rest of the house was so functional and lovely that we forgot about it until we couldn’t anymore. So, the scope definition began, and then, of course, creeped. The original plan:

Tear old down old back enclosed porch, create new foundation expand 2′ more back where possible. Reconfigure the tiny office to capture space from the old porch, new bathroom, in same location as old, make the flow less awkward in the back of the house (kitchen, office, laundry/bath area):

Original Goals:

Make office more functional – larger

Create a new laundry/bath area

Get rid of the hallway next to the kitchen and use the space in the kitchen

Create some type of storage for vacuum/brooms and cleaning supplies so the don’t have to be stored in the the bathtub.

Heating for the WHOLE house, the back porch never had heating and heating the upstair never fit into our last remodel budget.

Scope creep:

While we at the foundation work, why not dig the back of the old foundation and enlarge the tiny guest room.

Ikea doesn’t make our kitchen cabinets any more, so why not replace the kitchen cabinets. Since our tile is no longer possible to re-make, why not re-tile the kitchen. And I always hated that cooktop, and the dishwasher leaks, so let’s get new appliances.

Old back porch, our laundry area and 1st floor bathroom, tub doubles as vacuum/broom closet.







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