The plans

upper floor plan


dormer side

dormer secion

Here are the plans to give the project some context. They are really beautiful hand drawings from our architect Barbara Brown. She does a lot of work in Sausalito, works easily with the city (very important), and creates well designed remodels that are very sensitive and appropriate to the existing structures. She’s also very pleasant and easy to work with (most important).

Anyway, we wanted only a dormer (to add a bathroom and closets near our bedroom) at this phase in the never ending project. Because of the structural upgrades that Barbara knew were needed (which involved tearing one side of the house completely off,  we decided that we might as well work on window replacements and on the main floor and make those windows and doors appropriate with the original architecture. The original windows had since been replaced with large plates of glass (non-tempered) and some small wooden double hung windows. None of the windows had the same top line height. Once we got the engineer involved we learned that we had to tear apart some of our recently remodeled basement to but in metal plates and additional structure (which we wouldn’t have done if we did the project 5 years ago). So, that’s how we got to this larger scope project. It’s a pretty exciting project for this 119 year old shack.


One thought on “The plans

  1. i have been enjoying, which i had not expected to do…. watching and hearing the project day by day.
    even my patients have been understanding and most of the time it works out…..
    it will be fun to see it when all is done and i look forward to your return

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